Adding PDFs, Excel Documents, and PowerPoints

Adding PDFs (and Excel)

Excel documents must be converted into PDFs before uploading them. If the PDF has multiple pages, Prezi will display them in a grid. In Excel, you can select "PDF" from the "format" pulldown menu when you save your file.

Once you have your PDF, click the "insert" bubble in your "tool wheel" (or type the letter "i") and then click the "file" button as shown below. Alternately, type "L" on your keyboard.



This brings up a window where you can locate and select the appropriate file on your computer.

The maximum upload size for files is 50MB per file.

To move or resize your file, see this page.

Adding PowerPoints

Prezi has a new beta feature, explained below, which enables the direct importation of PowerPoints. However, some shapes and diagrams are not yet supported. If you should find that the subsequent steps are not satisfactory, or you know that your PowerPoint contains such elements, you can convert it to a PDF and then import it as described above. To convert a PowerPoint to a PDF, Prezi recommends that you use Zamzar or CutePDF printer (Windows only, requires download). Free File Converter has a larger maximum file size (300 MB instead of 100 MB).

To proceed with Prezi's PowerPoint importer, click the "insert" bubble in your "tool wheel" (or type the letter "i") and then click the "PPT" button as shown below.


Click on "select file" and choose the powerpoint you wish to use. Your powerpoint slides will upload to a sidebar on the right side of your screen.


You can click and drag your slides to the Prezi canvas individually…


… or click the "Insert All" button at the top of your screen to import all of them.


When you choose this option, prezi gives you the opportunity to add a path between your slides that will retain their original order. You can also deselect this checkbox if you wish to rearrange them or utilize them differently within your Prezi.

Click the second "Insert All" button.


Your imported slides will look something like this:


To program your own path, or edit an existing one, see this page.

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