Adding Text

If you are in "write mode," you can click anywhere on your screen and being typing to add text to your prezi. You will first see a blinking cursor, and then as you begin to type, your cursor will be framed by a box with a toolbar.


You can also copy text from a document or website and add it directly to your presentation. Select as desired and type "CTRL+C" on your keyboard ("Command-C" on a mac) or right-click your mouse and select "copy." Return to your workspace and type "CTRL+V" on your keyboard ("Command+V" on a mac) or right-click your mouse and select paste. You can then double-click the resultant text to access these same toolbars.

Click the arrow at the right side of the text toolbar to view more options for text properties. Read on for an explanation of these.


Text Alignment

Within the top toolbar of this blue frame, you will find several formatting buttons. When you click the button at the top left, you will find four text alignment options (left, center, right, and justified).


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Bullet Points

The video at the bottom of this section will demonstrate the assorted bulleting options described within this section.

The second button from the left in your text box toolbar will add a bullet point to the front of an active or selected line(s) of text, as well as each subsequent line you begin by hitting the "return" or "enter" key. Clicking the button a second time will eliminate the bullet point associated with an active or selected line(s) of text.


To the right of this button are two buttons that allow you to further control the nesting of your elements— the first decreases indentation, and the second increases it. See the video below for an example.


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Text Color and Basic Formatting

The toolbar button furthest to the right allows you to select text colors. You will also find additional formatting options in the bottom toolbar, where you unify various textual elements by classifying them as "body" or "title." For further customization possibilities, including fonts and the ability to alter the appearance of your presentation as a whole, see this page.


You can resize your text area by dragging the small grey circle on the bottom right of the text box. Relocate the entire box by clicking and dragging the grey bar at the top. To move, resize, and edit your text after you've entered it, see this page.

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Separating Text

When you have multiple lines of text in one edit box, you may wish to separate that text into separate entities. You can easily do so by first moving the blinking cursor to the line you wish to move, or you can select multiple lines by highlighting the desired text—you will see that the tab left side will migrate accordingly. Now click the tab, and drag it to where you wish to place the new textual element you're creating.


More Editing Options and Deleting a Text Box

To remove an entire text box from your Prezi, first click outside of the box so that you are no longer actively editing the text. Next, click back onto the text box and you will see a new set of buttons that give you the option to return to editing the text or delete the text box. You can also use the "+" and "-" buttons to increase or decrease the font size. Use the hand icon to change the placement of the text box.

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