Cooliris is a browser plug-in that revolutionizes how you find, view, and share photos and videos. It presents media on an infinite "3D wall" that lets you enjoy content without clicking page to page. Cooliris is a web browser plugin that provides interactive full-screen slideshows of online images. The software places a small icon in the corner of an image thumbnail when the mouse moves over it, which launches into a full-screen photo viewer when clicked.


Cooliris also develops apps for iPhone, and more recently, for Google Android devices. Google tapped Cooliris to develop the official media app for Google's Nexus One smartphone, launched January 5, 2010. Cooliris works with Safari for Mac, as well as Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome (Windows).

Cooliris offers a unique value proposition to consumers, website owners, content providers, and advertisers. Products include:

Cooliris for the desktop is a browser add-on that is the fastest and most stunning way to browse, search, and discover Web and desktop media, using the immersive and cinematic Cooliris 3D Wall.

Cooliris for iPhone enables users to search, discover and share photos, videos, news and entertainment on-the-go with their iPhone.

Cooliris Express is a tool that enables users of all skill levels to quickly and easily embed a Flash-based Cooliris Wall with their custom content on any website, blog, or social network.

CoolPreviews is a browser add-on that enables users to surf the web faster and more efficiently by allowing users to preview links and media-rich content as well delve deeper into search topics, without leaving the webpage they are viewing.

Cooliris also supports open source initiatives, and recently developed the Gallery application for the Nexus One smartphone, which will also be contributed to Android 2.1.

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