Cozimo is a drop-in plugin that enables synchronized viewing and markup of images and Flash® videos, directly on your blog posts and sites. With the Cozimo WordPress plugin, you can:

*Easily insert images and Flash® videos in your WordPress posts and sites.
*Draw on your images and videos, alone or together with a group of people, simultaneously!
*Tell your story! Leave notes and links to other blogs, posts and sites, directly on your images and videos.
*Turn Sync Mode ON and play videos online together with group of people.


Cozimo is specifically designed to meet the needs of creative professionals and designers working in projects involving digital media, and offers a simple, elegant approach to digital content collaboration.

One of the more challenging tasks of running a project is managing the review and approval process of the work in progress with your colleagues. Cozimo facilitates and supports this process in several ways:

*Turn-around times are faster because all content viewing, messaging, markups and approvals can be managed directly from any online computer, anywhere in the world. The people you work with will not have to install or download any additional software to review and collaborate with you.

*You can hold live online review sessions where everyone can discuss and markup content together. This will help to resolve issues faster and avoid communication errors.

*You maintain a complete, searchable record of all content-related communications and activities that take place over the course of project development. This will help you stay organized and avoid conflicts by providing verifiable "paper trail".

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