Digital Scholarship Projects

Online Exhibitions

Digital Publishing Projects

  • Gamer Theory - A born digital project, Gamer Theory was written in a card format with cards making up chapters and chapters making up the book in a very modulized format. Readers were allowed to comment on the book as the author composed it and those comments were actually considered and sometimes used when the book made it into traditional paper codex format.
  • Planned Obsolescence
  • The Gutenberg-e Project - From the Gutenberg-e homepage: The Gutenberg-e prizewinning books represent the most distinguished and innovative scholarship delivered with creative and thoughtful use of digital technology.

Mapping Data

  • Hypercities - Collaborative research platform that focuses on map and geospatial data for the study of cities over time.
  • Digital Karnak - Digital reconstruction of Karnak, Egypt using Google Sketchup and Earth.
  • Republic of Letters - A project to map and visualize communication between figures important during early modern period (1500-1800).

Digital Humanities Tools/Resources

  • NYPL Map Rectifier - Crowd source tool that allows users to rectify historical maps to contemporary GPS data.
  • What's on the Menu - NYPL project to transcribe the library's collection of NYC menus.
  • SmARThistory - is a free and open, not-for-profit, art history textbook.


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