DML Projects

Course Projects


Visualizing Nineteenth Century New York

This is a digital exhibition created over the course of two semesters by BGC students. The product of archival research done at the NYPL and a crash course in web design, this project is a great example of the kind of work being done in the DML by students and faculty


Making a World with a Hundred Things

This site is a companion to the pop-up exhibition that was generated by Professor Ivan Gaskell's Tangible Things class in the fall of 2012. Each week students brought in an object related to a field of academic study and the resulting collection represented the range of everyday things we find in our world.


Media & Materiality

This site is the result of the coursework completed by the fall 2012 course Media & Materiality. The site combines object, important events, thematic essays, chronographies and visualizations to describe the relationship between immaterial media texts and material media technologies. Each path of inquiry, typography, photography, and moving images, can be experienced multi-modally and non-linearly through descriptions, hyperlinks and imagery.

Other BGC Digital Initiatives


Object of the Month

Object of the Month showcases a particular object from an exhibition at the BGC with a commentary written by a curator, professor, student or guest. The visitor is able to look very closely at the object, sometimes even more closely than is possible in the gallery itself, while being guided through its nature and history. This combination of intensive investigation of the object and extensive examination of its context represent guiding principles at work in the gallery and classrooms of the BGC.

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