DML Salon Fall 2010

For this semester's salon we have four student presentations of projects:


The first project was completed by the Convivencia group from the BTP abroad program to Spain (Markley Boyer, Alyssa Greenberg, Mei-Ling Israel, Gena Maldonado). The Convivencia group used a Prezi presentation to discuss the period of co-habitation of Christian and Muslim societies on the Iberian peninsula. Below is their prezi:

Geomapping and the Visualization of New York City

The second presentation the work that has come out of Markley Boyer's internship at the New York Public Library. Mark has been using Google Earth and materials from the NYPL's digitized collection to create 3D representations of New York history. His work combines overlays of digitized maps over the Google Earth framework with 3D models of buildings to create interactive, navigable spaces.

Artist's Digital Archive

The third presentation was by Jorge Rivas Perez who created a prototype for a visual interface for an artist's digital archive using Prezi. Following the visual cues of interfaces such as Cooliris and Apple's Cover Flow, Jorge conceived of a filing and viewing system that organized text, images, drawings, video, and other multimedia in a visual and easily navigable virtual space. Below is the Prezi he created for the Artifact in the Age of New Media course:


The final presentation was by the Reconquista group of the BTP program (Lauren Arnold, Jeanne Graham, Roisin Inglesby, Miranda Peters). The Reconquista group used iMovie to gather and compose a film made of media they captured during their trip and through their research. Despite having little experience with flimmaking or the tools available to them, the group successfully created a narrated ten minute film that discussed the period in Spanish history when the Iberian peninsula was recaptured by Christians from the Moors.


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