Flickr is an online video and imaging host that lets its users upload, organize, and share their images. You can upload images to Flickr from your desktop, send by email, or use your cameraphone.


Their editing capabilities get rid of red eye, crop photos, as and add fonts and effects through their partner Picnik.

There are a variety of ways Flickr helps organize your media: "Collections" (like photo albums), "sets" (themes like Year or Travels), and tags help organize your photos and videos. You can also upload images on a map to organize them. It also allows you to perform common tasks on large batches of photos and videos, such as tagging, changing permissions, or editing timestamps.


You can share your images by creating "groups." Groups can either be public, public (invite only), or completely private. Flickr has also partnered with Snapfish so you can get your images printed out in prints, posters, calendars, cards and on canvas.

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