Adding Links To Images

Images incorporated to your wiki page via URL or file upload can be linked to a web address, another wiki page, or other types of files. Images derived from Flickr, however, automatically and only link to their source page on that website.

Firstly, if necessary, follow the directions for adding an image to your wiki page either from file or from an external URL.

Then enter "edit mode" and locate the code related to the desired image, which will look something like this:

[[image ""]]


[[image example.png]]

Follow the appropriate set of instructions below to link the desired file type from your chosen image.

Linking To A Website

To create a link to a website, you will add on to this text so it appears like this:

[[image "" link=""]]


[[image example.png link=""]]

Linking To Another Wiki Page

You can also create a link to another wiki page, for example entitled "page-name." You would then alter your code to look something like this:

[[image "" link="page-name"]]


[[image example.png link="page-name"]]

Make sure you use the exact title of the page as it appears in the URL address. Note that this means there are no spaces; use dashes where appropriate in creating the link name.

Linking To An External PDF File

You can also make your image link to a pdf file. If the file is located externally on the internet, simply copy and paste the URL address of the document and treat it as you would a link, as explained above. For instance,

[[image example.png link="http://www.example.pdf"]]

Linking To An Uploaded PDF File

If the pdf is instead uploaded as an attachment to your wiki page, you will need first to access the "files" section of your page by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.


Right-click, or control-click, on the desired file, and select "copy link" from the pull-down menu.


Then alter your code as shown below, replacing the link address shown below with your copied text.

[[image "" link="http://www.example.pdf"]]


[[image example.png link="http://www.example.pdf"]]

Making Your Link Open in a New Window

In any of the above instances, the inclusion of an asterisk (*) will open the desired link in a new window. For example:

[[image example.png link="*"]]


[[image example.png link="*page-name"]]


[[image "" link="*http://www.example.pdf"]]

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