Breadcrumbs And Parent-Child Pages

Enabling breadcrumb navigation creates a visual "trail" of your path to a given page, with links allowing an easy return to prior (parent) pages.

To begin, click on "+ options" at the bottom of your wiki page.


Select "parent" from the now extended menu.


This opens the "Parent page & breadcrumb navigation" settings, where you can specify the name of the "parent" page. Note that this name will be the same as that shown in the address bar of your web browser, which may or may not be the same as the title displayed at the top of your page. For example, this page would be "how-to:breadcrumbs-and-parent-child-pages." As you begin typing the name, potential matches should appear beneath the entry area; you can select the appropriate page by clicking it.


When you click "save," your specified relationship will be shown at the top of your wiki page. For instance, this page you are reading is a "child" of the Wiki How To section. Thus, the path displayed at the top of the page looks like this:

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