Creating A Blog

One of the great features of Wikidot is its ability to allow us to do a number of things beyond the traditional scope of a wiki. One of those things is creating a blog. Making a blog is relatively easy but does take a few delicate steps and a couple of coding leaps of faith. Below are some starting instructions to get your blog page set up as well as instructions as to how to create blog entries. If you want to customize your blog further or have any questions please feel free to contact the Director of the DML.

Below are the steps to follow to create the homepage of a blog with the name "Blog". This blog will also have an RSS feed that you can follow in RSS readers such as Google Reader.

Making the Blog Homepage

1. Create a new page titled "Blog"
2. When presented with the edit box enter the following code:

[[module ListPages order="updated_at desc" limit="8" category="jobs" rss="Blog" rssHome="Blog"]]
[[size large]]%%title_linked%%[[/size]] 
posted on %%date|%A: %d %B, %Y|agohover%% by **%%created_by%%**


[%%link%% Read More...]
[[div style="padding:10px 0;"]]

3. Save your page.
4. You should get a page with no information at the moment, but that is only temporary. The code you have entered will be gathering all of the posts made in a category "blog" you will be creating in the wiki . They will appear in reverse chronological with up to 500 characters of content with a Read More link to see all of the information. Follow the next set of instructions to add posts.

Adding Content to the Blog

1. Create a new page that follows this format: blog:Title where Title describes the content you want on the page.
2. Add your content into the edit box and in the title bar delete blog: from the text so only your Title remains.
3. Save the page.
4. Now visit the Blog page and you will see your post at the top of the page.
5. What is happening is this: the Blog page now aggregates in descending date order anything created in the blog: category. Therefore when you create a new page in that category it will be automatically listed by date of creation on the Blog page. In this way not only do we have a blog that orders the material as you would see on a typical blog, but each item in the blog: category also has its own page that can be maintained individually with further updates.

RSS Feed

Now that you have your blog and blog posts the last step is to use the RSS feed.

Customizing your Blog

Now that you have created a blog you can, if you would like, customize it further. These attributes can be changed:

  • the title of your blog
  • the category that blog pages are created in (for instance rather than blog: you can use news:
  • the length of the excerpt of text shown
  • the number of posts shown
  • the formatting of the text
  • the amount of date and user information shown

In addition remember that each post is like any Wikidot page, and each post can have media embedded or use any of the text customization features that you use on a normal wiki page.


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