Customizing Side And Top Menus

The links and pages listed in your side and top bars are easily customizable to display your preferred content. To begin, first choose whether you would like to edit either the "Top" or "Side" menu by using the link in your side menu.


You can also reach these pages by amending the URL in the address bar; for instance http://youraddress/nav:side or http://youraddress/nav:top respectively.

When you begin your wiki, there will be some default categories on both these pages, and you can follow this existing template to edit or add to them. For example, you might wish to create links to pages within your wiki or to external sites so they can be easily accessed from any page within your wiki. You might also want to display your tag clouds in the side bar.

Your side and top bar pages use bullet points to separate each entry. For instance,

* [[[name|example]]]

will appear in your side bar as the word "example," and will link to the wiki page entitled "name."

On the top bar page, you can edit the categories displayed in the bar itself, as well as those that appear in the pull-down menus. Your top bar and menus look something like this:


The items you wish to appear in a given pull down menu should be nested one level (see bullet and numbering instructions) and link to the appropriate wiki page. For instance:

* [# Example 1] 
 * [[[name1|item 1]]]
 * [[[name2|item 2]]]
* [# Example 2] 
 * [[[nameA|item A]]]
 * [[[nameB|item B]]]

will result in a top bar containing two categories: "Example 1" and "Example 2." The pull-down menu of "Example 1" will contain items 1 and 2, and the pull-down menu of "Example 2" will contain items A and B. Each item will link to its respective wiki page.

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