Getting On The BGC Wikis

The BGC uses wikis for a number of endeavors, whether they be course management, exhibition development, or the building of web sites for symposia and other events. This guide will help you get onto any of the BGC wikis.

There are two parts to joining a BGC wiki. The first part is creating an account with If you have not done so already, follow the steps below. If you have, feel free to skip ahead to Becoming a Member of a BGC Wiki.

Creating a Account from

1. Go to
2. Use the "Create Account" window on the right-hand side of the Wikidot home screen


3. Enter your desired username and password, and provide an active BGC email address
4. Click "sign up".
5. Check your email for an email from with the subject "New account confirmation".


6. Click on the link provided in the email to confirm your account creation.
7. You should be returned to the home page and your user should be logged in. In order to verify this, you can check to see if your user icon is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen and that there is a "Hello" welcome in place of the previous "Create Account" panel.


An Additional Way to Create a Account

In addition to going directly to to create an account, you are often provided an option to create an account when you go to a site of which you are not yet a member.

Upon entering a site or which you are not yet a member, the site will provide you with two links to click to create a new account. (see image below)


Click either of these links and you will be taken to the “Create a New Account” page. Once on this page follow [Creating a Account from Steps 3-8 above] to receive a user name and account.

Becoming a Member of a BGC Wiki

Once you have created a account you have to become a member of individual BGC wikis. In order to do this you need the secret password for each site you are going to join. Professors and other wiki managers are provided with this password and will give it to you when required. In order to join a wiki BGC follow these steps:

1. Go to the site url which will look like “”
2. If you haven’t yet signed in, sign into using one of the two provided links on the page.
3. Once you have signed in, enter your password in the box and hit the “apply!” button.


4. You should now be a member of the wiki and be able to access the pages and make changes.

If you should forget your password, follow the steps on this page to reset it.

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