Tagging And Tag Clouds

Creating tags on your wiki site is a helpful organization tool. Tags and tag clouds can function as finding aids, enabling you to view your wiki pages thematically and to literally see the relative weight of various topics and categories as expressed in your wiki content. The relative size of each tag demonstrates how frequently it is used within your wiki as compared to the other tags. Sometimes tag clouds can reveal connections between objects and ideas that weren't initially apparent!

To begin, click the "tags" link at the bottom of your wiki page.


Your page will expand to reveal an area in which to type your tags.


You can assign numerous* tags to a given page, each one separated by a space. Thus if the desired tag has multiple words, they must not be separated by spaces; instead you can use hypens (-), underscores (_), or simply type the entry as one single word. Each tag may comprise up to 64 characters. When you click on a tag within your cloud, you will be able to view a list with links to all the pages within your wiki tagged with that term. You may wish to have this tag cloud embedded in your side menu so it is visible and accessible from every page within your wiki.

To create a tag cloud drawing from the tags you have created, copy and paste the following code on your wiki page:

[[module TagCloud minFontSize="80%" maxFontSize="200%"  maxColor="8,8,64" minColor="100,100,128" target="system:page-tags" limit="30"]]

The attributes defined within the above code (font size, color, the number of tags displayed, etc.) are adjustable; please contact Kimon if you have any questions about how to customize your tag cloud.

As an example, the tag cloud for the DML's wiki pages is embedded here:

*The exact number of permitted tags is unknown, but caps out around 50.

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