PDF/File Uploading and Linking

Uploading Files

Files can be uploaded by scrolling to the bottom of the appropriate page and clicking the "Files" link. Please note that where possible file names should include hyphens or underscores rather than spaces, because spaces may confuse the wiki.


Clicking on "Upload a file from your computer" reveals the following information:


Click on the "Select Files" box (indicated above by the arrow) to bring up a window from which you can locate and choose your desired file. Holding the Shift or Control keys while doing so will enable you to select multiple files for upload. When finished, click the "Open" button.


Your selected file(s) will now appear in the file upload table shown below. At this point, you may add additional files by clicking "Select Files," or you may complete the uploading process by clicking "Upload Files."


After uploading your file(s), you are given the option to either "refresh file list" or "upload more." After refreshing, you will find your file(s) in the list revealed when you click on the the "Files" link at the bottom of the wiki page.


Linking To Files

There are two ways to easily link to files that you have uploaded, and this section explains both. The first method uses the URL address of an uploaded file, and allows you to link to any file uploaded to any page of your wiki site. The second method allows for greater clarity in your editing box, but limits you to linking to files that are uploaded to the specific page you are currently editing.

By URL address

By locating the URL address associated with your file, you can follow the steps enumerated below to treat this link as you would links to external web pages. One distinct advantage of this method is that you can link to files that are attached to pages of your wiki other than the one you are currently editing. However, please note that files on external wiki sites will only be accessible to members of both sites.

First go to the wiki page to which you have uploaded your desired files (for help with uploading files, see this page. Click on the "Files" link found at the bottom of that page.


Then right-click (or control-click) on the file name to bring up a menu from which you can choose "copy link address."


Now, on the wiki page you wish to edit to include a link to this file, you can use the "URL link wizard" button to create that link. It looks like this:


When you click on that button, a pop-up window will prompt you to enter the URL address you copied in the last step.


Paste your copied link in this box by right-clicking and selecting "Paste," or by typing "control-v" on your PC keyboard ("command-v" on a mac). After you have entered the URL address, you have the option to enter "anchor text," such as "link to PDF." This text will appear on your wiki instead of the long URL.

You can also check a box that will open your link in a new tab or window (depending on your browser settings).

After you click the "insert code" button on the pop-up window, the text in your entry box will look something like one of the following examples:

[*http://file-from-another-page anchor text]


[*http://file-from-another-page.pdf anchor text]

Your anchor text is simply separated from your URL address by a space, while the asterisk (*) preceding your URL indicates it should open in a new tab or window. If you wish, you can simply type the code shown above into your editing box instead of using the "URL Link Wizard" tool.

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By code

If you are linking to a file that has been uploaded to the page which you are editing, you can type the following code to link to it. This involves many fewer characters than the URL method described above, and so will allow for greater legibility within your editing box.

[[file filename.pdf | example text]]

Replace filename.pdf with the name of the file (exactly as it appears in the file list) and example text with the the words you want to be displayed in the wiki's content (for instance, "link to PDF").

You can also use the file name as the link, without including such descriptive text. In that case, your code will simply look like this:

[[file filename.pdf]]

Once again, note that this file name must be typed exactly as it appears in the file list—the link will be case sensitive.

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