Image Wizard

Adding Images to Your Wiki

The Image Wizard permits you to add images from three types of sources as outlined below: from URL/external links, from files attached to your wiki page (for a refresher on uploading files, see this page), and from the website.

The following section describes how, with any of these options, you can direct the placement of the image on your wiki page. Additionally, with images derived from file and from Flickr, you can specify the size of the image as described below. Images from URL/external link will display at the same size as they do on their native website. If you wish to change this size, you might consider resizing them in a program such as Photoshop, or taking screenshots of them, and then attaching these new versions of a more manageable size to your wiki page.

To learn how to create a gallery of images on your wiki page, see this page.

URL/External Link

Open the image wizard, and choose "external image (via URL)." Paste the URL in the provided box, and click "insert code."


The resultant code will look like this:


Note that these instructions also apply if you want to embed images that you have uploaded to a wiki page other than the one you are currently editing. Locate the desired image under the "Files" link at the bottom of the page to which the image is attached.


Right-click or control-click on the link, and select "Copy link address." You can then follow the steps outlined above by pasting in the copied link as appropriate.


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Uploaded File

If necessary, follow the directions for uploading files. Open the image wizard, and choose "attached file." Select the desired file from the provided list, and click "insert code."


The resultant code will look like this:

[[image example.png]]

These instructions will work only for images you have attached to the wiki page which you are currently editing. If you want to use images you have uploaded to a different wiki page, you can do so by following the steps enumerated here.

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Open the image wizard, and select "" Paste the URL or image ID number in the provided box, and click "insert code." For example,, or simply 1234567890. Clicking on the "check it" box will demonstrate that the image has linked properly, and will give you an opportunity to resize the image as desired. Once on the wiki, the image will automatically link to the original Flickr page.


The resultant code will look like this:

[[image flickr=1234567890]]

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Selecting Image Size and Orientation

If you are using an image attached from file or via Flickr, the Image Wizard gives you the opportunity to choose the size and alignment of the image as displayed on your wiki page. An image derived from a URL address will display with the same size as on the original website, but is subject to the same position choices as the others.

With an attached file or Flickr menu, you will either select your desired file or paste in the URL, and choose your preference from the "Image size" pulldown menu as shown below.

Attached File:


With any of the three image sources (including from a URL adress) you will find a "position" pulldown menu beneath the "Other options" heading (see below). From this, you can choose to place your image on the left, center, or right of the wiki page, as well as on the left or right with text wrapping (called "floating" the image).

Attached File:



These options are illustrated below:

Align Left:

Align Right:

Align Center:

Left Float:

Right Float:

You can also specify each of these placements manually within the text editing box. To see how to type that code, see this page.

To see how to create a gallery or galleries of images on your wiki page, see this page.

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