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Objects of Exchange Expanded Launch #focusgallery

posted on 08 Dec 2011 19:15 by BGC DML

One of the first projects that really energized and challenged the Digital Media Lab was Aaron Glass's focus gallery Objects of Exchange: Social and Material Transformation on the Late Nineteenth-Century Northwest Coast. With a background in film and an eagerness to experiment and explore in digital media, Aaron's project took advantage of a lot of technologies never used before at the BGC. In particular, his use of a wiki as a collaborative platform for the accumulation and organization of information on the objects for the exhibition was for a long time the example that we used to show students, faculty, and guests the potential that wikis had for working with visual and material culture.

The exhibition also had an interactive touch screen that showed a network of connectivity between keywords relevant to the exhibition and the objects on display. Touching the keywords or objects resituated the materials to show the dense complexity of the connections. One fascinating aspect of the evolution of this interactive cloud had been that it almost completely came out of students' use of the tagging feature of the wikis and the preexisting tag cloud module that represented an alternate taxonomy to understanding the connectedness of the materials in the exhibition. Aaron and I had a chance to write about the role of digital media in the exhibition process in the catalog, and that work helped set a foundation for much of the work that has been done in the DML in the following years.

Even though the exhibition has long since closed, Aaron continues to work on this collection objects and the material culture of the Northwest Coast. Recently the BGC has launched an expanded version of the exhibition's web site with more objects, additional research material by students, and audio visual material. It is a great expansion on what has proved to be a valuable endeavor for the BGC and is worth a look at.

- Kimon

Here is the official release:

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