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Fall 2011

posted on 22 Aug 2011 17:12 by BGC DML


Today was the first day of orientation and the beginning of the DML's third year. This is always a great time of year as the buzz of students returns to the building, faculty return from the summer trips, and the semester starts rolling. There will be a lot going on in the DML this semester as more classes are using wikis and other digital tools, such as Prezi, Zotero, Omeka, and Filemaker Pro. Furthermore, as we continue with some ongoing focus gallery projects and start a few new ones, it will be interesting to see how media continue to play a role in the gallery work students are doing. Some things to keep an eye on during the coming months:

There will be a lot of Workshops this semester so pay attention for announcements from the Library, VMR, and DML.

There are some new computers in the DML (two 17" laptops and a 27" iMac) along with some other hardware (a 3D scanner, and a high-res flatbed scanner). The 3D scanner in particular promises to open up some real interesting opportunities for material based digital work.


Our Wiki How-To provides a lot of information on how to use the wikis, but also keep an eye on the Prezi How-To and Omeka How-To for detailed instructions on how to use those tools.

There are a number of developing digital projects running through the DML, including interesting one lead by Profs. Jaffee and Glass. Let me know if you are interested in getting involved in more elaborate projects.


For a good example of one of the digital projects that have come through the DML, be sure to visit the Visualizing Nineteenth Century New York digital exhibition by BGC students. The product of two semesters of research and web design turned out really well by the end of the spring and is a great example of the kind of work that can be done in the DML.

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NEH Summer Institute Complete #BGCNEH

posted on 01 Aug 2011 15:57 by BGC DML

By all accounts the NEH Summer Institute was a resounding success. The visiting scholars added some life to a normally quiet summer and I think they really appreciated their whirlwind session on New York City material culture. On the DML side, it was encouraging to see so many people interested in the approach the BGC takes towards technology and scholarship. The workshops gave the participants exposure to a wide range of tools and resources and it was great to see people quickly incorporate the tools into their final presentations. The wiki became a useful tool for conversations and the sharing of pictures taken on the various field trips. It also seems like Prezi provided everyone with a new way of presenting materials and continues to be a useful tool in breaking the monotony of Powerpoint presentations and an effective way of presenting material culture resources.

Congratulations go out to Prof. David Jaffee for planning such a successful institute. Hopefully we will get to do another NEH Institute sometime soon, this time maybe through the Office of Digital Humanities with a more explicit focus on technology and the study of material culture.

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NEH Summer Institue Digital Workshops #BGCNEH #Omeka #Zotero #Prezi #Scrivener #Evernote #dh

posted on 14 Jul 2011 15:56 by BGC DML


We are now in the middle of the second week of the NEH Summer Institute on New York City Material Culture we are hosting here at the BGC, and by all accounts things are going swimmingly. Despite some hot weather, the participants really seem to be enjoying the lectures by guest faculty, day trips to sites in and around the city, and the ability to take advantage of the abundant archival and historical resources New York has to offer.

On the digital front, the institute participants seem really enthusiastic about exploring the digital resources we have available at the BGC. We had initially planned to offer workshops on wikis, Omeka, and Prezi, but it was apparent early on that the participants wanted even more than that. So, we have decided to hold a workshop on Zotero and one on productivity software (such as Scrivener, Evernote). In addition we had a session where I showed a variety of digital humanities projects and we discussed what digital humanities means, issues of the big tent, and differences between tool building, interpretation, and the production of knowledge in a digital age.

In addition, I plan on having individual meeting with a variety of individuals who are interested in improving their digital infrastructures at their institutions or who are looking to implement software they are unfamiliar with (Omeka, Filemaker, etc.) into their workflow. It is great to see such enthusiasm for digital media amongst the participants, and it makes me glad that we have the resources and pedagogical structures in place to help satiate their curiosity.

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Advanced Wiki Workshop

posted on 08 Feb 2011 19:58 by BGC DML

Today we had a successful Advanced Wiki Workshop. Matt Keagle and Sara Spink worked on some of the more detailed features that allow us to use the wikis as robust multimedia content management solutions for our digital projects.

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Early Spring Workshops and DML Salon

posted on 25 Mar 2010 16:02 by BGC DML

Spring is upon us even though it is below freezing out. Putting that bit of climate commentary aside I wanted to announce some up upcoming events. First of all workshops. Courses this semester are again using the Wordpress blogs and Wikidot wikis so we will be offering workshops in both tools. Times and dates are below. In addition, I will be offering another Filemaker Pro/Database Design two-part workshop in early February. We tried this at the end of last semester but everyone was a tad too busy so we are going to do it again. You should have received an email with all of this information but please contact me with any questions (ude.drab.cgb|sadimarek#ude.drab.cgb|sadimarek).

Finally, we will be hosting a DML Salon in the large lecture hall and DML on January 19th from 2-4. Faculty and students will be discussing their work in the DML and some of the project work will be shown. Included will be work from Catherine Whalen’s American Material Culture Studies class, Google Sketchup gallery virtualizations from Deborah Krohn’s Exhibition Experience course, Omeka virtual exhibits from David Jaffee’s Material Culture of New York course, and the wiki from Aaron Glass’s Objects of Exchange exhibition. This will give everyone a chance to see the good work done in the classes and for people who haven’t gotten a chance to work in the DML yet to see what it is all about. Hope to see you all there.

Blog Workshop
Jan 21st – 12:30-1:25

Wiki Workshop
Jan 28th – 12:30-1:25

Filemaker Pro Workshop
Part 1: Feb 2 – 2-4pm
Part 2: Feb 9 – 2-4pm

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