Andrew Gardner, 2013-2014 DML Assistant

posted on 23 Oct 2013 17:42 by Andrew Gardner
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Watercolor portrait of Andrew by Maya Bradford.

Hi, I’m Andrew! I’m a first year MA student at the Bard Graduate Center. I have been living and working in New York for the last three and a half years, first in art publishing, then in arts and education. In undergrad, I studied journalism and graphic design, so I am coming to the BGC with a different line of inquiry; the way in which I approach an object or a theme is both as a maker and as an investigator. The array of perspectives and varied fields of investigation among students and faculty at the BGC were what drew me to the BGC initially and have allowed me to work through and expand on my own ideas about what an MA in Decorative Arts, Design History and Material Culture means to me. To that end, I am interested in the material culture of social or community-oriented spaces like the restaurant and kitchen and how these places become centers for all sorts of cross-cultural exchange, both in terms of decoration and in terms of dining rituals and customs. What I like most about the BGC is that these ideas are constantly evolving and I am also thinking about the architecture and built environment of cities, particularly of the 19th century, as well as systems and information design, as it applies to both graphic and interface design.

I came to the Digital Media Lab with a solid background using the array of Creative Suite tools (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, etc.) as well as knowledge of HTML and CSS. I figured this was a place where I could use these tools in a practical way and also learn more about audio, video and 3D technologies. What I have discovered is that the DML is a place of (almost) limitless possibilities, where any new technology is considered and explored as not only a mode of pedagogy but also as a practical approach to thinking about and looking at objects. There is so much opportunity here to arm yourself with skills that can then be applied in the real world, from working with collections management-type software to working with web languages, laser scanners and video editing tools. There’s so much to learn from and do here, but I’m most looking forward to working on visuals for gallery shows, website coding and playing with the 3D printer!


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