Digital Materials Day: 3D Imaging at the Met #3Dscanning #digmatday

posted on 05 Mar 2013 21:45 by BGC DML - Kimon
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The BGC has been presented with a unique opportunity to create a 3D model of an armored knight and his mount, which are currently on display across the park at the Met. Don Undeen, Manager of the Met Media Lab, has invited us to bring a small group to come over to the Met on March 11 to take photos of the knight. We will then come back to the DML, put all of the photos on one of the computers and process them using a software package called 123D Catch. This software will take the photos and using a process called photogrammetry( will generate a 3D model of the object. From there we will be able to experiment with the model as an example of how such a technique can be used in the study of material culture and in the process of digital composition. Looking forward to an exciting day and further excursions to work with digital tools and material culture.


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