DML Salon Recap

posted on 05 Apr 2013 04:30 by Nynne Christoffersen
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On Thursday, February 21, the BGC held its seventh salon. The DML Salon is a semiannual event that showcases some of the most exciting projects done in the lab from the previous semester. As such, the salon functions as a kind of academic show-and-tell and offers a unique glimpse into the latest developments within the BGC community. With the overarching theme - digital projects - the DML Salon is one of the events that best captures the spirit of current activity at the BGC. The salon provides a chance to see the efforts of both academic and curatorial initiatives combined: professors and students exhibit work that in many cases are done specifically for an exhibition in one of our galleries but can also come out of individual research initiatives or student-driven workshops. The DML is an open space for sharing knowledge on technology that can enhance, expand or communicate scholarly work, and the salons let that work shine.

This semester the DML Salon was happy to present work from three courses/projects. From Matthew Wittman’s course, “Pleasing the Crowd: Public History and the Material Culture of the American Circus”, Tenann Bell showed her online project.

Students from Kimon Keramidas's course “Media and Materiality: How Technology Shapes Media and Media Shape Culture” presented work they completed in developing a site for the course. Lisa Adang, Hannah Kinney and Antonia Behan presented their portions of the course site.

Kimon discussed progress on the digital interactive component of the upcoming Focus Gallery exhibition, Confluences: An American Expedition to Northern Burma, 1935.

Lastly, Sarah Rogers Morris shared her site, an independent class project for Erin Eisenbarth's class "Material Culture of Women in 19th Century America".


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