Early Spring Workshops and DML Salon

posted on 25 Mar 2010 16:02 by BGC DML - Kimon
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Spring is upon us even though it is below freezing out. Putting that bit of climate commentary aside I wanted to announce some up upcoming events. First of all workshops. Courses this semester are again using the Wordpress blogs and Wikidot wikis so we will be offering workshops in both tools. Times and dates are below. In addition, I will be offering another Filemaker Pro/Database Design two-part workshop in early February. We tried this at the end of last semester but everyone was a tad too busy so we are going to do it again. You should have received an email with all of this information but please contact me with any questions (ude.drab.cgb|sadimarek#ude.drab.cgb|sadimarek).

Finally, we will be hosting a DML Salon in the large lecture hall and DML on January 19th from 2-4. Faculty and students will be discussing their work in the DML and some of the project work will be shown. Included will be work from Catherine Whalen’s American Material Culture Studies class, Google Sketchup gallery virtualizations from Deborah Krohn’s Exhibition Experience course, Omeka virtual exhibits from David Jaffee’s Material Culture of New York course, and the wiki from Aaron Glass’s Objects of Exchange exhibition. This will give everyone a chance to see the good work done in the classes and for people who haven’t gotten a chance to work in the DML yet to see what it is all about. Hope to see you all there.

Blog Workshop
Jan 21st – 12:30-1:25

Wiki Workshop
Jan 28th – 12:30-1:25

Filemaker Pro Workshop
Part 1: Feb 2 – 2-4pm
Part 2: Feb 9 – 2-4pm


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