Nik Honeysett on the Digital in Museums

posted on 09 Nov 2011 17:48 by BGC DML - Kimon
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This is a really great video by Nik Honeysett, Head of Administration at the J. Paul Getty Museum about the challenge of looking forward to the future of museums and the vital role that digital media and online communities will play in that future:

This really hits at the core of a lot of the questions we are thinking about here at the BGC and especially in the DML as we look to carefully adapt traditional approaches and methodologies to the changing academic landscape. One of my favorite points that Honeysett makes is that it is often the young curators educating the old about the possibilities for new endeavors via digital media. I've seen this very clearly in our curriculum as students have often brought new tools to the institution and provided the spark for projects to grow into new experimental directions. I think that understanding that growth can be generated by both the students and faculty is an important consideration and I am glad to see our students invested in and empowered to think about the future. Also glad that we are providing our students with the kinds of skills that will get them employment in positions where they can really take a role in inititiating change.

Update: Neal Stimler, who hosted the MCN panel that this video was a part of, sent me the link to information about that panel and their use of video to create materials for presentation. Very interesting stuff and a look at alternate methods of presentation in conference settings.


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