Spring 2013 DML Salon

posted on 11 Feb 2013 16:48 by BGC DML - Kimon
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Each semester the Digital Media Lab holds a salon to highlight representative work done in the lab from the previous semester. The salons are an opportunity for students and faculty to share their work, and for the BGC community toget a better idea of the types of projects being done in the lab and how the lab might serve their own scholarship. Past presentations have included digital work done for the Focus Gallery exhibition, Objects of Exchange: Social and Material Transformation on the Late Nineteenth-Century Northwest Coast;
3D models of virtual exhibitions using Google Sketchup; Prezi being used
for classroom presentations, final projects, and visual syllabi; and videos from the courses, “Rus in Urbe: The Country in the Town, from the City Parks Movement to Urban Ecology” and “The Material Culture of New York City: The 20th Century.” This semester the DML Salon will highlight Omeka exhibitions from Matthew Wittman’s course, “Pleasing the Crowd: Public History and the Material Culture of the American Circus”; a site developed by students in the course, “Media and Materiality: How Technology Shapes Media and Media Shape Culture”; and the digital interactive component of the upcoming Focus Gallery exhibition, Confluences: An American Expedition to Northern Burma, 1935. We hope to see you all there.

The DML Salon is open to the BGC community. Beverages and light refreshments will be served. Please RSVP via email (ude.drab.cgb|stnevecimedaca#ude.drab.cgb|stnevecimedaca) and join us in the 1st Floor Seminar Room at 4:30 pm.


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