Talk by Anne Kelly Knowles at NYPL

posted on 13 Feb 2012 23:38 by BGC DML - Kimon
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Received an invite from Matt Knutzen of NYPL Map Division fame today about a talk being given by Anne Kelly Knowles, a geographer who does work using visualizations as an alternative to traditional historical narratives, this Friday the 24th from 4:45-6:30. Here is some of the blurb about the talk.

The way we imagine the past can deeply affect how we understand it. How do the spatial stories embodied in maps and animations differ from conventional historical narratives? Anne Knowles will explore that question by describing a pioneering research project on the geographies of the Holocaust. Examples will include geographic visualizations of the growth of the concentration camp system, the patterns of German atrocities in Eastern Europe, and the built environment of Auschwitz.

More info about the upcoming talk can be found on the NYPL Site.


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