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posted on 12 Feb 2014 19:02 by Andrew Gardner
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scanning.jpg photo%202.JPG
Scanning the object and the object onscreen.

We’ve made it to a new semester! While it’s blustery and cold outside these days here in New York, things are quite literally heating up inside because… we’re 3D printing!* Laura, my fellow DML assistant, has been hard at work on research about 3D printing. Her work perfectly coincides with a new 3D printing project we’ve been doing with MA student and artist Ariel Rosenblum, who is working on mounting an exhibition using stereoscopy as means of deconstructing perception of form through a variety of media, including technological development and the advent of 3D printing.

She printed a really cool rock wrapped in wool, which took a few tries, but we think it turned out ok? It’s really pretty exciting. Her show “Behold Binocular” opens Friday, February 14, 2014 at Historic Northampton in Massachusetts.

We’ve also been busy polishing off the odds and ends from last semester. Professor Catherine Whalen had two amazing digital student projects. Over the last few years, she and her students did an incredible amount of work on the BGC Oral History project (in collaboration with Professor Kimon Keramidas, Digital Media Lab Director, Laura and myself), which I discussed last fall in my recap of the DML Salon. The project was a smashing success and has been well-received both internally and externally. It’s an invaluable resource for scholars doing research on contemporary craft.

In addition to that project, which came together last fall, Prof. Whalen’s Colonial Revival class put together an incredible project composed of research surrounding a defining stylistic moment in American material culture. The project was a complicated coding process (Prof. Keramidas spent way more time on working on it than anyone, though the painstaking footnoting process was my work!), but it turned out to be a really interesting way of combining research into one cohesive format. It was also a really interesting exercise in collaborating with colleagues, from a research and from a technological perspective.

What to look forward to in the coming months:

  • You’re invited to the Spring 2014 Digital Media Lab Salon which takes place tomorrow, Thursday, February 13, 2014, showcasing the best digital projects from the last semester (there are many!)
  • Students from Professor David Jaffee’s 19th-Century New York focus gallery class, Laura and I among them, will be hard at work in the DML putting together proposals for the digital interactive components of the exhibition, which opens next fall.
  • Students from Dean Miller’s focus gallery class will be working on Prezis and movies that explore the work and methodology of Aby Warburg.
  • And plenty more 3D printing to come… Including 3D printed headphones!

Stay tuned! Laura’s going to update us on current and future 3D printing technology…

*Seriously, one thing I’ve noticed about 3D printing: it gets really warm in here! A fully different climate region in the Digital Media Lab as compared to every other room in the building. But I digress…

Also, behold Ariel's digital rendering of the 3D printed scans in one image:


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