Omeka Exhibits

The exhibit builder interface allows you to develop a succession of web pages that function as an online exhibit, drawing from the items you've added to your digital archive. Using pre-built themes and layouts and the provided visual editor, you can create an unlimited number of sections containing pages to construct your exhibit.

To get started, click the "Exhibits" tab in the top navigation bar, and then click the "Add Exhibit" button.


This brings you to a metadata page where you can enter information about the exhibit, such as its title and description.


The description you write will appear on your exhibition site, providing an introduction. The "slug" is the exhibit name as it appears in the URL. For example,**exhibitname**. You can view screenshots of some of the themes listed in the pulldown menu; see below. Note that you can later change this selection, as well as edit information in any of these other fields. From this page you also determine whether your exhibition will be public or private (you may wish to keep it private while it is under construction).

Adding Sections

At the bottom of the "Add Exhibit" page you can click the "Add Section" button, which brings you to a new screen where you can add its metadata. This includes title, slug (which describes the exhibit name as it appears in the URL), and the section description.


The names of the sections you add will appear both in the top navigation bar and the side navigation bar of your exhibit page. The description you enter in the section's metadata will appear beneath its title on the side bar. These sections provide organizational segments within which you can add pages.

You can also add sections from the "Edit Exhibit" page. Scroll to the bottom, where you will find a box displaying all sections and pages. You can click the add section button to add another section.


You can rearrange your sections on the "Edit Exhibit" page by simply clicking and dragging them into a different order.

To edit your exhibit after you have created it, simply click on the "Exhibits" tab in your top navigation bar, then click the "edit" link associated with it.


Adding Pages

When you click "Add Page," you enter a new screen where you can enter metadata about the page. This includes title and the slug (which defines the name of your page as it appears in the URL). You will also be asked to choose from a selection of predetermined layouts.


After creating a page, you can add individual items from your digital archive to that page by clicking the "attach an item" button within each segment of the page. These are numbered to reflect your chosen layout, which is displayed in the upper left corner of your screen for reference.


When you click the "attach an item" button, the items in your archive are displayed in a pop-up window; select the desired item and click the "attach selected item" button at the bottom of that window.


At the bottom of this page, you can opt to save and return to the main page of your section, or to save and add another page.

Any images, captions, and text you enter on the "Edit Page" screen will be displayed in your exhibit as specified by the layout. When a visitor clicks on a given item, they will be taken to a page specific to that item where they can view its metadata as you have entered it.

You can also add pages from the "Edit Exhibit" page. Scroll to the bottom, where you will find a box displaying all sections and pages you have created. Click the "add page" button to add another page.


You can rearrange your pages by simply clicking and dragging them into a different order.

At any point during the process you can also make use of the "breadcrumb links" provided in the upper right-hand corner to return to your section or the main page of the exhibition. Note, however, that in doing so you will lose any changes you have made to the current page.



You can preview the appearance of some of the themes provided in the drop down menu seen above by viewing the Omeka Theme Directory.

If you have the knowledge and desire, Omeka does over you the possibility of creating custom themes, either by modifying one of the templates in their directory or by writing your own. See Omeka's Theme Writing Page for more information.

Exhibit Preview

Clicking on the "Exhibits" tab in the top navigation bar enables you to see a list of existing exhibits. Clicking the "preview" link next to the exhibit of your choosing allows you to see how your exhibit, in its current state, would appear to the public.


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