Critical Information: Mapping the Intersection of Art and Technology

Critical Information is an interdisciplinary graduate student conference, which provides a platform to assess current scholarship and research at the intersection of art, media, and society.

Critical Information is particularly interested in engaging papers or projects that address the following issues: Art and Social Theory, Media and Memory, the History and Future of the Image, Mediated Image Making, Identity and Representation in the Mediated Environment, Philosophy and Media, the Work of Art in the Information Age, and more.

December 3, 2011

All themes pertaining to the juncture of media, theory, and the visual arts will be considered.

Open to all current graduate students and those who have received a graduate degree within the last year, Critical Information is sponsored by the MFA Art Criticism & Writing Department at the School of Visual Arts.

Submission Requirements:

Name, School, Department Affiliation, Academic status

Phone Number, Email Address Title of Paper or Project Abstract including thesis statement and main argument.

100150 words

Important Dates: Abstract Deadline: June 30, 2011

Decision E-mail: September 30, 2011

Paper Deadline: November 1, 2011

Submit to: moc.liamg|avs.noitamrofni.lacitirc#moc.liamg|avs.noitamrofni.lacitirc

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