Themes and Colors


Prezi provides a number of ready-made themes (background colors, fonts, etc.) you can apply to your presentation. Inside of the "Template" button at the top of your screen, you can either click the "Change Template" button or select a Theme to affect universal changes to the style of your presentation.

To preview a Theme, click on any theme icon, then click "Revert to Original."


To further customize a theme, click the "Customize Current Theme."

Custom Themes

Clicking "Customize Current Theme" brings up the "Theme Wizard" dialog box in which you can control the background color and experiment with some beta features.

For more custom options, click the "Advanced" button at the bottom-left of the "Theme Wizard" dialog box.

To save the changes as a new theme for use in other presentations, click "Save Current Theme." Custom themes will be listed under a new category in this window called "Your Themes."


Options for Shape Colors

When you insert a shape (top menu, Insert, Shapes and Symbols) it will automatically appear highlighted with a menu above it containing several buttons. The Style button contains several color options.


Within Style are five coordinating colors that you can apply to individual shapes (excluding lines and highlights). These will change in conjunction with a selected theme or the color scheme you have chosen with the wizard.


If, for instance, I apply the "Goa" theme, these colors are now available:


To make a color change, simply click the associated box, and the color will take affect for that shape alone.


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Custom Color Tools


Pixlr is a free online image editor that serves as a useful tool for determining custom colors to use in your Prezi. With it, you can pull colors from a picture uploaded from your computer or accessed online via its URL.

After you have opened an image, click on the eyedropper tool in the tool bar, and then click on the desired color where it appears in your image.


This color will appear in a box at the bottom of your tool bar. Click on this square of color to open the Color Selector window.


On the right side of the Color Selector window, you will find RGB values.


Return to the theme wizard and enter these values into the corresponding boxes, and you will now have precisely this color!


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Accessible at this website, Kuler is a free application accessible via the internet which allows you to identify color codes to input to your Prezi, enabling you to view and generate color themes either from a color wheel or from preexisting images. These can be applied to diverse elements of your presentation to easily create a well-coordinated aesthetic.

You don't have to register for the site in order to use it, though it is required for certain interactive features and for creating themes from images. Any member of the public can access and edit themes generated by other users. See this page.

You can also generate your own themes, but you will need to register and/or sign in order to access the color codes to apply to your Prezi. Sign in with your Adobe ID (or create one for free), and you can also create themes from the colors in preexisting images and also save your themes for later use. See this page for more information.

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CSS Editor

For those who have the inclination and/or know-how, you can also access a CSS editor to fully customize all aspects of your theme. Hold down the "control," "shift," and "c" keys to bring up this editor, or locate the CSS editor link at the bottom of the theme wizard window (you must first click the "manual" button in the lower left).


If you're interested in pursuing this (very) advanced editing feature, Prezi provides a helpful PDF document here.

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