Prezi Frames

Using Frames

One of the most clear and efficient ways to organize your information is to make use of the frames tool. Frames enable you to group certain items in your presentation. You can then direct the presentation to focus on the group as a whole, as well as on the individual items within. This allows your audience to visualize a "smaller big picture," if you will, and also helps reduce excessive zooming and panning—you don't want to make them seasick!

Clicking on the Frames and Arrows button in the top menu reveals a drop-down menu with several options: either you can add a frame without specifying a style (this will insert a bracket frame by default) or you can choose between four frame-type options:

…a bracket-shaped frame:

…a circular frame:

…a rectangular frame:

…or a hidden frame, which you can see as you edit but which will not be visible to your audience as you present:

You can resize or reposition your frame in "write" mode my adjusting the blue bounding box. Tip: You may need to zoom out within your workspace area to properly highlight a frame. See this page for more information about editing frames.

As before, you can zoom in and out of the individual items within the framed area when you're presenting, or even stack frames within frames to create smaller groupings. When you set a presentation path, you can highlight the frame itself as an item in your sequence, which will focus the presentation screen on the specified area. You can also click the frame manually to achieve the same effect.

For an example, your frame setup might look something like this (note that it includes invisible frames, which are outlined in blue):


Programming paths including with frames will allow you to isolate particular elements and focus attention on specific elements and relationships within your presentation.

Capture View

A related feature allows you to create an ersatz frame out of a screen-shot of your workspace. Enter "path mode" by clicking the "Edit Path" button on the left-hand side of your screen.


At the bottom of the left side of the screen, you will see a button with the words "Add current view."


When you click this button, Prezi will automatically register the current view of your presentation as the next step in your sequence. If necessary, you can rearrange this order as desired.

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