Group Editing

The ability to group edit a Prezi, where multiple users can simultaneously edit a given presentation, is particularly useful for group projects.

If you would like to share an existing Prezi and you are in Edit mode, you will find a "Share" button in the upper left of your screen.


Or, from your account home page you can click the "Share" button underneath the Prezi preview window.


Prezi will then generate a URL that can be copied and shared among participants. Click the "copy" button so you can paste the URL into an email or wiki, or click the "email" icon to send it directly from this screen to the desired parties.


After accessing the project via the shared URL, each person will thenceforth find the project among the prezis listed on his or her account homepage. The original URL expires after one week, but a new one is easily generated as necessary.

Members can now co-edit in a "prezi meeting," with a maximum of 10 users working together at any given time. Avatars of active editors will be visible to each individual. For instance, after following the link with my personal account, I can see that the BGC DML is also logged in to this project.


When accessing the presentation, you may need to click "end" in the lower right-hand corner in order to enter "edit" mode.


If someone else is working simultaneously, you will see a circle and arrow showing you the area in which they are making changes.


If you click this circle, you will be given the option to "take a look" at their work.


Clicking this button will allow you to see their avatar hovering over their latest change or addition. For instance, if the BGC account types "this is the DML," my personal view looks like this:


You will also be notified when other editors leave the project.


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