Program a Prezi Path

If you wish, you can program the order in which your presentation will play your various items. You can execute this automatically in "auto-play" mode, or you can direct the movement yourself; see this page for more information about playback. You also have the option to present in full manual mode, where you simply move between your elements by clicking on them as desired (and double-clicking to zoom back out again).

To orchestrate a programmed order, click the "Edit Path" button on the upper-left of your screen.


Roll your mouse over an item, wait for it to highlight, and click. Repeat for each element in the sequence in which you want them to appear. Numbers corresponding to your specified order will be displayed on each item, and boxes corresponding to each step will accumulate in order in the sidebar at the left of your screen.


You can rearrange this sequence at any time by clicking, dragging, and repositioning the encircled numbers assigned to each element (in the workspace grid area)…


..or you can drag and reposition the boxes at the left of your screen into a new order and the numbers will alter accordingly.


If you want to add an item between two others you have already programmed, select the intermediate circle (between 1 and 2 in the example below) and drag it to the desired item. Your path will renumber accordingly, and a step will be added to the array displayed at the left of your screen. Note that you must be in "path mode" to make these changes (in other words, the "Edit Path" button needs to be clicked).


Note: This video was captured in an earlier version of Prezi. While the design is slightly different, the procedure remains the same.

As shown in the video above, you can remove an item from the sequence by dragging the encircled path number away from its associated element and releasing it. This is sometimes finicky, so you may prefer to use a second method, also demonstrated in the video: moving your cursor over the corresponding box in the timeline sidebar, and clicking the circular red "X" button that appears in the upper righthand corner. The numerical indicator will disappear from that element and your sequence will renumber accordingly.

You can select any item, be it text, shape, image, frame, or even a screenshot of your workspace (see this page), as a step in your programmed path.

A few presentation tips:

Even if you've specified a sequence, you can navigate your elements manually. This may come in handy if someone has a question about an earlier image, or if you're responding to a discussion following your presentation. You can move the canvas by holding and dragging your mouse, and zoom in and out (if you have a scroll wheel on your mouse you can use that, or you can move utilize the zoom tool on the left side of your screen). Additionally, you can bring any of your elements to full-screen view simply by clicking on them. If you've interrupted your programmed order to do this, you can return to it either by clicking on the next item in the sequence or pushing the "next" arrow key on your keyboard.

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